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Candle Holders

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Some of the Candle Holders we stock are the best we've ever seen. The quality is stunning and both the Ivy Pillar and Guardian of the Tower are works of art. The attention to detail is fabulous and it's a shame we can't really do them justice with pictures.

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Star Mini Candle Holder (Blue)

Lovely star shaped candle holders for mini, spell and all 1/2" diameter candles. Blue glass.

Product Code: CHD003178



Star Mini Candle Holder - Clear

Lovely star shaped candle holders for mini, spell and all 1/2" diameter candles. Crystal clear glass.

Product Code: CHD003344



Candle Holder - Glass (Short)

Really useful candle holders. Clear glass which gives elegance as well as a good weight to keep the candle safely anchored.

Suitable for candles with a base diameter of up to 2.5cms.

Product Code: CHD004663



Mini Candle Holder - Angel

Pretty, Angel candle holder suitable for spell candles and all mini candles with a diameter of up to 12mm.

Product Code: CHD005759



Stone Circle Tea Light Holder

Inspired by the ancient, mystic stone circles of Britain, this tea light holder is cast from resin.

Measuring approx 8 x 8cms, this stone circle tea light holder is a lovely addition to any home or altar.

Product Code: CHD004782



Candle Jar - Red

These jars make lovely holders. Pop in a tea light candle to give a warm, red glow. Ideal for garden use in the summer to protect the flame from the breeze.

. Candle holder measures approx 4cm across the top opening and approx 6cm across the widest diameter.
. Stands approx 6.5cm tall

Product Code: FIN009643



Skull Tea Light Holder - Black

Dark, glossy black ceramic tea light holder in the form of a skull. The tea light sits on a perch behind, casting light through the eyes and nose sockets

Skull tea light holder measures approx 6cm across and stands approx 8cm high

Product Code: CHD010575



Chambermaid Candle Holder - Black

You just can't beat good, old fashioned, traditional candle holders. The handle allows easy movement of the candle without the fear of hot candle wax on the fingers - they knew a bit about candles then, and it still stand good today!

Product Code: CHD001968



Mini Candle Holder - (Spell, Chime, Angel, Mini candles)

Simple white ceramic candle holder to fit all candles with a 1/2" diameter base.

Product Code: CHD003056


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Votive Candle Holder - Diamonte

Tall, glass votive candle holder decorated around the rim with a silver band of diamonte sparkles. The glass is white, with a very slightly mottled effect

Candle holder stands approx 11cms tall, with a top diameter of approx 6.5cm, tapering to 5cm at the base.

Product Code: CHD008296


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